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7 Advanced Transportation Technology In Market

7 Advanced Transportation Technology In Market
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Over the years we’ve seen the infusion of technology into the transportation field and announcements. So where are we actually in terms of adoption? Have we included the announced technology in reality?

Let’s take a look at some of the advanced transportation technologies that has been applied.

7 Advanced Transportation Technology In Circulation

Technically, any new technology can be applied to the transportation industry, including trucks, cars, trains, airplanes, or drones. Here is a list of futuristic technologies that are already existing or in the final stages of completion.

  1. Electric vehicles
  2. Autonomous cars
  3. Convertible cabs
  4. Delivery drones
  5. Commercial space vehicles
  6. Hyperloop
  7. Maglev

Electric Vehicles

Conversion from a gasoline vehicle to an electric one was a challenge a couple of years ago – but not now. The technological advancements in the field have simplified this and now almost all the automobile companies sport an electric vehicle.

Who’s on Market – GMC Hummer EV, Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-tron GT, Ford F-150 Lightning

Autonomous Cars

Even if not used widely, autonomous cars are already running in some states across the United States. The self-driven tech-supported vehicles are capable of driving the passengers from location to location based on the fixed routes for now.

Who’s on Market – Argo AI (Miami and Austin), Cruise (California), Waymo (Arizona), Zoox (San Francisco)

Convertible Cabs

Convertible cabs that can be used to transport passengers and change shape to convert into mobile shops are already in existence.

Who’s on Market – Toyota e-Palette

Delivery Drones

The advancement of drones from the imaging sector to the delivery sector is pushed by multiple e-commerce platforms around the globe. This efficient, yet fast delivery system within the city limits is already being applied around the world – particularly in the United States, Canada, and Ireland.

Who’s on Market – Manna, Amazon, UPS, Domino

Commercial Space Vehicles

Space travel is the only transportation sector that is progressing at the pace of a snail. But the scene is being changed by various space travel enthusiastic companies. With multiple testings and refitting projects, space transportation will become a reality soon.

Who’s on Market – Space Adventures, SpaceX


Designed based on the vacterian concept, Hyperloop pushes the boundaries of advanced transportation technology for both passengers and cargo. Led by Elon Musk initially, multiple companies have come forward with this innovative technology and are in their testing phase.

Who’s on Market – Virgin Hyperloop, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Transpod, DGWHyperloop, Hardt Global Mobility, Zeleros, Nemovo 


Maglev or Magnetic Levitation is an already developed concept and has started to go into the production phase long ago in China, while the rest of the world is in the establishment phase. Routes have already been opened here and will be transporting passengers soon.

Who’s on Market – SCMAGLEV, American Maglev Technology Inc., SwissRapide AG

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